Trailer: Welcome to the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes PodcastNovember 03, 202300:01:53

Trailer: Welcome to the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast

Approximately 34 million people in the United States have type 2 diabetes, and even more people are at risk for developing it. But did you know developing type 2 diabetes can be delayed– or even prevented? 

The Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast is an engaging, narrative-style audio miniseries for those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and the people who care about them. Narrated by physician and medical contributor Dr. Bayo Curry Winchell, the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast combines insights from individuals with firsthand experience of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, as well as health experts. Together, they address common questions about type 2 diabetes and, importantly, they explore how it can be prevented.

Download and listen to our audio series to learn more about diabetes, gain confidence in dealing with it, and find hope in the insights and knowledge of others.

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