Ep 7: The Road Ahead: Next Steps for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes PodcastFebruary 03, 2024

Ep 7: The Road Ahead: Next Steps for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

In this final episode of our series, we tackle two important questions for those diagnosed with prediabetes or at risk of developing type 2 diabetes: Where do I go from here? And how do I make a new healthy lifestyle stick? We'll explore the power of support from loved ones, the availability of lifestyle change programs, and various resources that can help you on your journey to better health. From setting boundaries with family and friends to finding reputable organizations and online programs, we've got you covered. So, join us as we delve into the practical steps and valuable insights that will empower you to take control and even prevent type 2 diabetes. Stay tuned and let's get started on this important health journey together.

00:00 Navigating Lifestyle Changes 

02:51 Accessing Specialized Support 

04:40 Seeking Reliable Resources 

06:48 Embracing the Journey 

08:47 Final Words and Gratitude 

For links to resources and information covered in this series, visit our website at HealthUnmuted.com/resources

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