Ep 5: Small Steps, Big Changes: Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with Exercise and Sleep
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes PodcastFebruary 03, 2024

Ep 5: Small Steps, Big Changes: Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with Exercise and Sleep

Preventing type 2 diabetes isn’t just about eating healthy—getting regular exercise, sleeping enough, and reducing stress are all important lifestyle changes too. But you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be healthy. Even small steps can lead to big changes!

In this episode of the Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Podcast, we hear from people living with prediabetes about how they made tweaks to their daily routines and share easy tips and resources for adopting an exercise plan that works for you. Whether you're a beginner or unsure where to start, we provide tips and tricks to help you create an exercise plan that works for you.

Additionally, we explore how reducing stress and improving sleep can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Don't miss out on these valuable insights to support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 

0:00 Introduction

00:17 The Importance of Exercise

00:30 Evidence of Exercise's Impact

00:40 Tips for Starting and Maintaining Exercise

03:37 Making Exercise Simple

06:00 Exercise at Home

07:01 Overcoming Gym Intimidation

09:04 Tips for Creating Exercise Habits

11:31 The Importance of Quality Sleep

13:11 Exercise as a Stress Buster

14:55 Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

16:19 Preview of Next Episode

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