Ep 2: Catching Prediabetes Early: Recognizing Symptoms and Early Detection
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes PodcastFebruary 03, 2024

Ep 2: Catching Prediabetes Early: Recognizing Symptoms and Early Detection

Receiving a diagnosis of prediabetes can be overwhelming, and it can bring up lots of questions— does this mean I will get type 2 diabetes? What happens now? 

In this episode, we hear from people like Jessica and Oscar, who share their experiences and struggles with prediabetes. Early diagnosis is crucial in managing prediabetes and preventing type 2 diabetes, and we explore the signs and symptoms to look out for. We also discuss the importance of getting tested, and how a simple blood test can confirm a prediabetes diagnosis. Join us as we provide valuable information and resources to help you understand and prevent type 2 diabetes.

00:00 Recognising the Signs

01:36 Understanding Prediabetes

02:49 Diagnosis Journey

05:02 Blood Tests for Diagnosis

07:43 Emotional Impact of Diagnosis

09:13 Seeking Support and Understanding

11:08 Self-compassion and Moving Forward

For links to resources and information covered in this series, visit our website at HealthUnmuted.com/resources

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