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Type 1 Diabetes Podcast

A podcast for people diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and those who care about them.
Type 1 Diabetes Podcast

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Welcome to the Type 1 Diabetes Podcast

This podcast mini-series share information about type 1 diabetes. Our mission is to share knowledge and develop the necessary understanding, skills and confidence to successfully manage diabetes from diagnosis throughout adulthood. Each episode includes references to other useful resources available from our partners, trusted brands and other reputable organizations. This material can be accessed through links on our website or in the notes included with each episode. This podcast is part of the Health Unmuted audio library of health podcasts.
February 8, 2022

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About Type 1 Diabetes Podcast

When someone is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it can feel like being plunged head first into entirely unknown territory.

The initial days and weeks can be particularly overwhelming, with information about the diagnosis and treatment presenting a steep learning curve. The details shared during clinical visits are often forgotten or incorrectly remembered.

This unique podcast miniseries is the first step-by-step audio guide to help explain the condition, connect listeners to trustworthy information and resources, and support them on their journey as they learn to manage and maintain their health.
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