Parkinson's Disease Links and Resources

For more information about Parkinson's Disease:

Webinar on recognizing the early signs of Parkinson’s - Parkinson’s Foundation

Other parkinsonion conditions - Parkinson’s Foundation,of%20these%20symptoms%2C%20mimicking%20Parkinson's

Genetic causes of Parkinson’s - Michael J Fox Foundation

Webinar on sleep disorders and acting out dreams - Michael J Fox Foundation


Dopamine - WebMD

Tremor and Resting Tremor - Parkinson's Foundation,

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder - Mayo Clinic,sometimes%20called%20dream%2Denacting%20behavior.

Olfactory nerve - nerve relating to the sense of smell

Hoehn & Yahr staging - Parkinson's Foundation

Axial symptoms - these include symptoms such as walking disorders, posture disorders, and speech and swallowing disorders

Hand Dystonia : "excessive, involuntary muscle contractions in the fingers, hand, forearm, and sometimes shoulder" - Dystonia Foundation,of%20hand%20and%20arm%20muscles.

DaTscan - test to help in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, read more on APDA

Carbidopa-levodopa - Mayo Clinic

Sinemet, Parcopa, Duopa and other brand names for Sinemet - on Medscape

Dopamine agonists (pramipexole, ropinirole) - Mayo Clinic

Dyskinesia- Parkinson Foundation,slow%20and%20extended%20muscle%20spasms.

Deep Brain Stimulation - Mayo Clinic,Stroke

GERD, Gastroesophageal reflux disease - Mayo Clinic


Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline - 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636)


When Life Gives You Parkinson’s Podcast

Substantial Matters: Life and Science of Parkinson’s Podcast

Learning About Parkinson's Podcast's%20is%20a,health%20and%20social%20care%20professionals

Young Onset 101 podcast episode - Parkinson’s Foundation

Parkinson's Life Podcast

The Michael J Fox Foundation Parkinson’s Podcast

Parkinson's Foundation Podcast

Parkinson's Podcast by the Davis Phinney Foundation

Community Groups:

Choirs improving PD symptoms

PD Avengers

Guests’ Books

Ending Parkinson’s Disease: a Prescription for Action by Ray Dorsey MD, Todd Sherer PhD, Michael S. Okun MD and Bastiaan R. Bloem MD PhD

Talking about Parkinson's

Talking to your Children about Parkinson’s - Michael J Fox Foundation

My parent has parkinson’s fact sheet - Parkinson’s Foundation

Talking to your employer about PD - Parkinson’s Foundation

Building a care team

Movement disorder specialist directory - International Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Society

Find a PD expert care center - Parkinson’s Foundation

Building a care team - Michael J Fox Foundation

Support after diagnosis

Early signs of PD- Brain and Life Magazine (AAN)

Guide to the early years after diagnosis - Michael J Fox Foundation


Medication explained - Mayo Clinic

Webinar about on/off time - Michael J Fox foundation

Parkinson’s Drugs- Parkinson’s UK Resource

FDA Approved Medications- APDA

Alternative Surgical Treatment Option

Deep Brain Stimulation - Parkinson's Org

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials- Parkinson’s Foundation

Clinical Trials Recruiting- Cure Parkinsons

The Benefits of Exercise

Study to show exercise improves depression in Parkinson’s patients

Benefits of exercise for slowing parkinson’s disease - Parkinson's Foundation

Downloadable resources on benefits of exercise for PD - Stanford Medicine's%20disease,things%20you%20love%20to%20do.

Why you should exercise - Parkinson’s Foundation

Exercise guides

Skills and Wellness channel - Youtube - Mobility videos

Parkinson’s foundation - Youtube - Fitness Friday videos

Step by Step Physio Movements - Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery

MENTOR Program

Exercise videos - Brian Grant Foundation

Home Adaptations

Easy changes to make around the house - Davis Phinney Foundation Video

Bathroom and grooming aids - Parkinson’s Foundation

Webinar on creating a safe home environment - Parkinson’s Foundation

Diet and nutrition

Guide to eating a Mediterranean diet - Michael J Fox Foundation

Meal time booklet - Parkinson’s Foundation

Information of pro and prebiotics - Parkinson's Foundation

Common symptoms

Studies to show constipation as common symptom of Parkinson’s disease

Webinar on gut related issues in Parkinson’s Disease - Michael J Fox Foundation

Adaptive Tools

Swivel Spoons - Various types available on

Lift steady table ware - Product website

Wrist weights - Various types available on

Weighted bracelet - Product website

Voice and swallowing support

Speech Therapist finder - Parkinson’s voice project

LSVT Program Finder

Live Home Practice Sessions - Parkinson’s Voice Project

Speech & Swallowing Issues - Parkinson’s Foundation

Adaptive Tools

Pocket talker device - Amazon

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