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Acid reflux happens when some of the contents in the stomach flow into the food pipe (the ‘esophagus’) and irritates the lining. People with acid reflux experience discomfort and pain, and there are a wide variety of ways the condition can be managed and treated.

The Acid Reflux Podcast miniseries provides insights from leading medical experts and people living with the condition to understand ways to manage and treat acid reflux, and guide listeners to additional information and resources that can help. Each episode looks at a different aspect of acid reflux from causes and symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment, and how people with acid reflux can live their life on their terms.

This series is not a substitute for a formal medical diagnosis or treatment, and if you have questions, talk to your qualified healthcare provider. Also, don’t delay treatment or ignore medical advice because of anything you hear on any podcast. The Acid Reflux Podcast is intended to share information about acid reflux, but most of all it aims to educate, because knowledge is power. 

The Acid Reflux Podcast is part of Health Unmuted and created by Mission Based Media Ltd. Listen and follow this series on your favorite podcast app, and find useful links, references and more information on our website, healthunmuted.com. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates, and share the Acid Reflux Podcast with the people in your life. 

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