COPD Links and Resources

For more information about COPD:

COPD Foundation basics of COPD:

Mayo Clinic information about symptoms and causes:

Cleveland Clinic information about COPD:
National Institutes of Health information about COPD:

For one-on-one and community support:

COPD Community Support toll-free support line: +1(866)316-2673

COPD360Social, social media support group:

American Lung Association's Better Breathers Club:

Healthline's list of support groups:

Resources for stopping smoking:

Tips from the COPD Foundation:

US National Quitline: +1-800-QUIT NOW (+1-800-784-8669)
Tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

For more information about medications:

COPD Foundation list of treatments and medication:

WebMD - What are Treatments for COPD?

Healthline - COPD Drugs: A List of Medications to Help Relieve Your Symptoms:

My COPD Action Plan, from COPD Foundation for keeping track of medications:

For more information about patient or pharmaceutical assistance programs:

RxAssist Patient Assistance Program finder:

Medicine Assistance Tool: Pharmaceutical Assistance Program finder:

American Lung Association list of financial assistance programs:

For more information about oxygen therapy:

COPD Foundation:

American Lung Association:

Tips on traveling with oxygen from the American Lung Association:

For more information about lung volume reduction and lung transplants:

COPD Foundation video on lung volume reduction:

Cleveland Clinic overview of lung volume reduction:

Mayo Clinic information about lung transplants:

For more information on pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise:

Pocket Consultant Guide from the COPD Foundation:

COPD Foundation information on pulmonary rehabilitation:

National Institutes of Health information on pulmonary rehab:

For more information on nutrition:

Cleveland Clinic:

Temple Health:

For more information about flare-ups:

WebMD basics on flare-ups:

Healthline steps for managing COPD flare-ups: causes of flare-ups:

COPD Foundation tips on making the transition from hospital to home:

My COPD Action Plan, from COPD Foundation for tracking changes in condition:

For more information about alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency:

National Institutes of Health - Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency:,This%20can%20lead%20to%20COPD

Cleveland Clinic - Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

American Lung Association - Symptoms and Diagnosis:

COPD Foundation clinical guidelines:,clinical%20onset%20is%20quite%20broad

Alpha1 Foundation:

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