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Each episode of the Alzheimer's Disease Podcast includes resources where listeners can learn more. Below is a list of the resources mentioned throughout the show– links to these sites can also be found on

For more information about Alzheimer's Disease:

Alzheimer's Association information about Alzheimer's:

National Institutes of Health basic information about Alzheimer's:

Healthline facts about Alzheimer's:

BrightFocus information about tau protein:

MayoClinic information about the stages of Alzheimer's:

History of Alzheimer's disease

Bright Focus history of Alzheimer's disease:

Alzheimer's Society history of Alzheimer's disease:

About Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Alzheimer's Association information about mild cognitive impairment:

Cleveland Clinic information about mild cognitive impairment:

Lifestyle changes to treat Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s Society information about risk factors and prevention:

HelpGuide article on lifestyle changes for Alzheimer's disease:,by%20reducing%20beta%2Damyloid%20plaques.

Healthline information about risk factors and lifestyle changes:

WebMD article about the MIND Diet:

Memory Cafe directory:

Patient support and advocacy groups

Alzheimer’s Speaks:

Alz Authors:

Alzheimer’s Association Local Chapters (US):

Alzheimer’s Society support groups (UK):

Dementia Friendly America:

Hilarity for Charity:

Caregiver support

Family Caregiver Alliance:

Memory Cafes:

Memory Cafe Directory:

Guest’s books

Dr Andrew Budson - Seven Steps to Managing Your Memory: What's Normal, What's Not and What to Do About It:

Dr Jason Karlawish - The Problem of Alzheimer’s: How Science, Culture, and Politics Turned a Rare Disease into a Crisis and What We Can Do About it:

Paul Hornback - God Still Remembers Me: Devotions for Facing Alzheimer's Disease with Faith:

Paul Hornback - My Purple Brick Road: A Faithful Battle with Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease:

Dr Daniel Gibbs - A Tattoo on my Brain: A Neurologist's Personal Battle against Alzheimer's Disease:

Dr Phillip Sloane - ​​Alzheimer's Medical Advisor: A Caregiver's Guide to Common Medical and Behavioral Signs and Symptoms in Persons with Dementia:

Dr Jennifer Bute - Dementia from the Inside: A Doctor's Personal Journey of Hope:

Anthony Copeland Parker - Running All Over The World: Our Race Against Early-Onset Alzheimer's:

Diagnosis information and what to expect at an appointment

National Institute of Aging information about diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's disease:

Alzheimer’s Society information about symptoms and diagnosis of Alzheimer's:

Alzheimer's Association information about cognitive assessments:

Mayo Clinic information about diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease:

Making changes to environment

Home safety tips from MayoClinic:

Tips from Social Care Institute for Excellence about making environmental changes to the home:

Alzheimer' resources and support for making changes to the home (UK):

Helping someone with personal care

Caregiving tips from National Institutes of Health:

BetterHealth (Australia) tips for helping with hygiene:

Alzheimer's Association brochure on personal care:

Social Care Institute for Excellence (UK) insights into how to deal with difficult situations:

WebMD, tips for handling outbursts:

Alzheimer's Association, tips for managing anger:

Things not to do/say

Alzheimer's Society what not to say to someone with Alzheimer's:

Alzheimer's San Diego dos and don'ts of communicating with someone with dementia:

Advanced care planning

Finding geriatric care managers:

ElderCare Locator from the US Administration on Aging:

Alzheimer's Association chapters:

Alzheimer's Association guide for advance planning:

Finding your nursing home ombudsman:

Alzheimer's Society (Canada):

Alzheimer's Society (UK):

For information about medication

National Institutes of Health information about how Alzheimer's disease is treated: and,Cholinesterase%20inhibitors,improve%20the%20symptoms%20of%20Alzheimer's.

For information about therapies

American Physical Therapy Association:

American Speech Language and Hearing Association:

Total Health Works:

Speech Therapy Works:

Information from WebMD about treating chewing and swallowing problems:

For information about clinical trials:

Alzheimer' information about clinical trials:

Information about Aducanumab

National Institutes of Health information about aducanumab:

Alzheimer's Association information about aducanumab: and information about aducanumab:

Food and Drug Administration approval of aducanumab:

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