Be a Community Partner

Work with us to serve our shared audiences

Community Partners help shape and share the stories of people on their health journeys.

By participating in the creation of audio-first health education content, Community Partners demonstrate their leadership to the people they serve.  They also benefit from the awareness, content and materials we provide for their organization and stakeholders.

Benefits for Community Partners:

  • Participate in creating and sharing the insights of people with firsthand experience, caregivers and health professionals
  • Partner’s logo and link on the main page of the Miniseries
  • Partner’s logo and link on the Partners page
  • Partner’s logo displayed in rotation in newsletters
  • Partner's resources highlighted and linked in our Resources 
  • “Welcome as a Community Partner” posts across all social media channels
  • Embed link for your organization’s website

Our Vision

That every person has access to meaningful and trusted information that can help them on their path to better health, care and well-being.

Our Mission

To connect people everywhere to stories, insights and information to empower and improve individual and population health, care and well-being.

Our Values










*Our listeners, contributors and supporters expect our content to be trustworthy, independent, evidence-based and human-centered. Sponsorship is subject to editorial oversight, and our policies strictly prohibit sponsorship to influence editorial decisions.

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